Fearless Female Fridays: Brody Dalle


We are living in a world infested with dark times, political dramas and turmoil but one thing we can always rely on for constant evolution, growth and an escape is MUSIC. Tying with the ongoing struggle of gender equality and respect for women that we find ourselves pushing and fighting for each day, I bring to you FEARLESS FEMALE FRIDAYS.

Let’s celebrate strong women in music (and in every industry, shape, form, situation ALL OF THEM) and these episodes will highlight one beautiful lady and praiseeeee them for providing a good example to their fans and audience simply just by being THEM.

The first one is dedicated to my idol for life, Brody Dalle from The Distillers. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model growing up!

+ The Distillers – The Distillers (Self Titled)
+ The Distillers – Sing Sing Death House
+ The Distillers – Coral Fang

+ Rancid
+ Queens Of The Stone Age

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