London: the hub of music and anxiety

Oh London, I detest the anxiety-induced grit of you yet I find myself being unable to depart from you.

There’s been a silence of RLD posts and whilst I found myself urging to throw my energy back into writing, I also found myself fighting against London and everything it was cannonballing in my direction. Damn London, you know how to stress a girl out. All I want to do after a 9-5 is go home and scour Deliveroo, curse their delivery fee and subsequently feast on packet noodles and reruns of Friends (Netflix, you my peoples).

But as mentally-draining and superficial as London can be, I could not imagine being anywhere else for the foreseeable future. Let’s not forget that along with London being the hub of inebriation and budding socialites everywhere, disastrous housing problems/financial struggle, it is also the home of pop-ups from those revelling in their dreams, drool-worthy food options and more relevant to RLD, a flourishing portfolio of musical talents and sound. The history and evolution of music in London should never be overlooked. After all, we had motherfrickin’ Led Zeppelin.

Places like Brixton exude diverse and upbeat vibes, capturing exactly what London is to us. Venues like Hootananny and Brixton Jamm provides reggae and urban music, keeping the real essence of London alive and proud. Camden harbours a string of supreme live music venues (Jazz Cafe, KOKO, Roundhouse, Dingwalls) who have seen a wide range of music sensations grace their stages.

London also gave birth to music royalty such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie; just a few icons of many who paved the way for future generations of world-domination hopefuls. So, RLD readers, expect posts to come about WHERE exactly to find great music in London, not only will this be for your benefit but also to remind myself that amongst the politics and financial woes, there IS a side to London that gave me my one true love: halloumi fries. No, music. I mean music. Close tie though.

[Featured photo cred: Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash]