I write about what excites my ears living in a music-accessible world and era.

Sometimes I do videos and blabber about musical gems.

No expert table-laying skills here I’m afraid.

To anyone who found this page by mistake, following me out of their own will, seeking new music or, maybe just straight up curious what on earth I’m doing – this letter is for you:

Dear social media user,

The world…or Universe rather, of social media is rapidly growing and is not only influencing consumer decisions but also affecting the consumer’s way of life.

From health and food tips to online dating, the world has shifted from a go-out-and-find-it attitude to a sit-down-and-browse one instead. Individuals are now consuming and learning from the Internet and fully placing trust in it. Why? Because it’s convenient and allows them to explore the entire world from a screen.

The world of social media has been pursued by a niche of lifestyle vloggers and aspiring fashionistas and yo, this is great AND offers individuals the chance to express themselves…but this isn’t what I want to see. I can just about afford rent, drag my ass to the gym, prepare my lunch and dinner for the next day AND try maintain a social life. I want to see more original talent, showcases, music, upcoming artists, more live music venues and definitely more expression through sound – this is what influences ME, the consumer. People using their own experiences, time and talent to create something unique to bring me back to Earth level and appreciate artists driven by passion over money.

SOOO enter Red Lips and Decibels, a music-focussed blog (and Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe yo) exploring current and past artists/songs/albums as well as creating playlists and discussing musical eras and successes created by a 20-something, impulsive, little inked lady from West London. Music is (excuse the cliche) my best friend and has been my constant from a young age, and I want to remind people that music NEEDS to have a strong presence in anyone’s life as it is the only thing that evolves whilst being timeless at the same time.

It’s magic.

I started vlogging as a kick up my own butt to continue discovering the realms and depths of music. New and old music, live music, mood-matching playlists, albums, musical eras…ANYTHING that kept me in the music bubble and would keep that creative streak within me whilst I endure the 9-5 office-living life, a trait of working and living in the centre of London.

What started as a reminder to myself and bit of fun on the side turned out to be something I was immensely passionate about and oiled the creative gears in my brain that have been out of use for so, so long. So I saw it through. And like me, viewers like you can share your music experiences and discoveries with others.

There’s a huge world out there and the music scene is becoming somewhat disposable and social media should be utilised more to encourage people to explore it.


Let’s explore.